I don't know how to describe me. I could do the truthful, but cliche "About me", telling you how simple, yet complex I am, how I can be a good friend, or a worst enemy; but I guess everyone is an angel, yet also, a demon breathing the same breath in some sense. We all struggle with that turmoil.
So, I guess I'll tell you this-I'm a mother, and I love animals. I love to dye my hair, and speak my mind. I love to play video games, and swimming is a favorite. I'm usually friendly, but sometimes, I can get very, very antisocial. I think too much, and I bottle up nearly everything. Music is a passion, and I dance when no one's watching. I'm silly, but restrained. I wish I could be different, sometimes. Anyway, that's me. Love me, or don't. If you don't feel free to go fuck yourself. ;) *Panda*


Car Backs Into Dental Office

Can someone tell me how to get to Country Chicken Buffet?

Trust no one … Especially the drink driver.